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How do I know what class my child should be in?

Parent-n-Tot: Starting at age 1 until age 3, when they would then begin our Pre-School Program.

Pre-School Program: Ages 3-5, or until they begin kindergarten.

Beginner Classes: Must be in kindergarten.

Advanced Beginner 1: Must be able to do a cartwheel, round-off, and a bridge.

Advanced Beginner 2: Must be able to do all of the above and a back bend kick over.

Intermediate: Must be able to do all of the above and a back bend limber.

Advanced Intermediate: Must be able to do all of the above and a round-off back handspring.

TNT: Just tumbling and trampoline (no bars, vault, or beam). Many cheerleaders enjoy this class to work on specific tumbling skills.

TNT2: Must be able to have a round-off back handspring.

What is your student-teacher ratio?

We keep our student-teacher ratio at 1 teacher per 7 students for preschool classes and 1 teacher per 8 students in the after school classes, allowing plenty of one-on-one time.

How often is the gym cleaned?

We clean and sanitize Monday-Friday.

Do you offer any kind of free trial?

Yes! We offer one free trial class per child so they can see how they like it before signing up.

What does your Summer Day Camp consist of?

In our Summer Day Camp, the children will have "free gym", play games, do arts and crafts, have a morning and afternoon snack (which we provide), watch a movie after lunch, and have a fantastic time! 

How will the After-School Care work?

If you have a child at Clemmons, Ward, Lewisville, Morgan, or Meadowlark you contact the school system's transportation department and request that your child is dropped off at Clemmons Gymnastics. It's that easy! The child's bus will then have them dropped off at our facility. Our students from Morgan, Lewisville, and Meadowlark will be picked up from school in a Clemmons Gymnastics vehicle and driven to our location. There will be time for homework, as well as time to play and have a good time.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us online or at (336) 766-3599.


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